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June FHM Louise Thompson wearing Harry Rocks necklace


we HAVE just spotted the lovely Louise from Made in chelsea in June 2013 FHM wearing her Harry Rocks L initial necklace!

Looking pretty gorgeous Louise!

Harry Rocks xx

Entwined Initials Necklace

entwined initials necklacesecond entwined disc sample

Please see our really special and exciting new-ish style! the Entwined Initials Necklace! you give us yours and your chosen other Initial and we will email you an image of your chosen initials all beautifully swirled together and when you are happy they will be lovingly hand engraved on a lovely sterling silver or gold disc! Just gorgeous!

The look gorgeous all layered up with other jewellery, and are available in 15mm and 20mm and can be on slightly longer chains so they make a lovely statement!

Red Magazine coverage

Harry Rocks Personalised Initial Necklace in Red Magazine