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Capricorn Constellation Silver and Diamonds Necklace


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Jewellery Detail

A gorgeous and unusual pendant with the beautiful hand engraved star constellation of the Capricorn star sign, this pendant is totally and utterly unique to your own special sign and has been hand engraved and stone set with three sparkly diamonds. The back of this beautiful pendant has ‘Capricorn’ hand engraved and is stamped with the assay sign to ensure true authenticity of the silver. You have your choice of chain, either sterling silver, gold plated (over sterling silver) or rose gold chain. This beautiful necklace comes with it’s own description of Capricorn’s astrological meanings making it a really special and thoughtful gift. The lines and markings are a geometric and graphic representation of the position of the stars for the zodiac constellations. Capricorn’s astrological dates are- December 23rd- January 20th


sterling silver, diamond, gold or rose gold plated over sterling silver

Size / Length

18" or 20". Diameter of the pendant is 20mm

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