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Heart Yen Collection


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Jewellery Detail

Our latest collaborative collection ‘Heart Yen’ with the gorgeous Debbie Le of thefashionablepan is finally here!

The  inspiration for this collection comes from Debbie’s heritage, the stars inside each of the hearts represent the symbols on the flags of the Vietnamese and Chinese flags as Debbie is half Vietnamese and half Chinese. The heart itself resonates hugely with Debbie’s life journey, She always follows her heart with decisions. Yen is Debbie’s birth name.

Debbie and I hope you love this collection as much as we do!

Bracelet- This divine, dainty and delicate chain bracelet features 3 solid hearts with a star setting and sparkly stones in the centre. This bracelet can be either 17.5cm or 19cm

Bangle- This beautiful lightly hammered bangle can fit any wrist. It  features 1 solid heart with a star setting and sparkly stone in the centre.

Necklace- This divine, delicate and dainty necklace features 5 solid heart charms with a star setting and sparkly stone in the centre. The necklace can be worn at either 16″ or 18″ lengths as it has a jump ring at both lengths.

Stud Earrings- These divine heart stud earrings feature a solid heart with a star setting in the centre with a sparkly crystal stone in the centre.

Prices are as follows

Stud earrings £35

Bracelet £60

Bangle £60

Necklace £80


*Please note the necklace and studs are  sold out many apologies *


Gold plated over sterling silver

Size / Length

Stud earrings- 8mm, Bracelet can be 17.5cm-19cm, Bangle, one size fits all, Necklace 16"-18"

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