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Gems from Gems

Probably the most exciting and flattering thing about being a jewellery designer is seeing my jewellery on the necks/ arms/ ears of someone I really admire. I love that the jewellery becomes part of their everyday lives and stories and will mean something different to each and every one who wears it.

We are working on a new exciting concept- we want to highlight some incredible women that we admire and would love to share their stories with our customers and feature some images of them wearing our jewellery! This is going to be a monthly feature which we will call Gems from Gems!

So excited to share with you our very first Gem- the gorgeous Jen Brown, Barre instructor, food enthusiast, Womens advocate, mental health ambassador, girl boss, wife and mother of 4. ‘Empowering Women to find the Joy in life through Barre’


Tell us a bit about how you got started in Barre?
I used to be a primary school teacher, but retrained as a personal trainer after my first child.  My business has evolved with my life stages – I was a pre- and post-natal PT for a long time, but 4 children of my own later I needed a new challenge.  I discovered barre, fell madly in love with it, retrained and built a studio in our garden.  When Covid hit I moved online and then traction picked up – The Mail Online ran a piece on the Best Lockdown Workouts in May 2020 and I was the first class mentioned.  It was a genuinely life-changing moment.   

We love a bit of routine, and adopting new habits. What are your daily rituals you swear by?  God, this will probably show my age, but I body-brush first thing and steel myself to have at least 30 seconds of a cold shower.  My hot flashes these days re no laughing matter, and both of these are meant to help.  I also have Chuckling Goat’s keffir every single morning without fail – good gut health is a no-brainer for me. 

What’s one thing you think everyone should get into? Bulk cooking – I make one big ‘base’ meal that I eat every day for lunch and just swop the topping – feta, halloumi, avocado or poached eggs.   I’m always short on time and this keeps me on the right track. 

You’ve been shopping with us for a while now, what would you say is your favourite Harry Rocks piece?
I love the Bowie Bolt Hoops – a little punk attitude that reminds me I’m young at heart – if nowhere else I love the hoops, they’re super easy to wear and the adaptable charms make them VERY versatile. My husband says that when both the bolts are on that I am ‘fully fired up’- (Love that!!!) I also love the children’s range and have spied a few pieces I know my eldest daughter would love.

What is the most special piece of jewellery you own? 

I have a bracelet that was my Mum’s – she wore it every day of her life, and I now never take it off.  That’s what’s special about jewellery: it holds wonderful memories.

If there’s one piece of advice you could give your younger self what would it be?

“Your Gut knows what’s up- Trust that Bitch
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