Product care

A few hints and tips to keep your Harry Rocks treasures looking gorgeous.

How to store

Store jewellery separately in a box or pouch to avoid  scratching, tangling and breakages.  To help prevent tarnishing keep wrapped in acid free tissue or zip lock bags.

Jewellery & chemicals

Do not expose your jewellery to chemicals and acid such as perfume, body lotion and hairspray as this could cause discolouration.

Jewellery vs the elements

Avoid swimming, showering and exercising with your jewellery as this may cause tarnishing and discolouration.  Hot weather and sweat accelerate the tarnishing process.

Gold plating

Gold plated jewellery has been coated with a thin layer of gold on top of sterling silver. Gold plating is a surface finish so it can be susceptible to wear but if looked after it should last a long time.

How to clean gold jewellery

To care for gold plating/ gold filled jewellery/ vermeil- rinse in warm water  and mild soap then pat dry with a tissue or leave to dry on a towel.

How to clean silver jewellery

To care for Sterling silver use a non abrasive silver polish or a soft cloth or a Silver ‘Dip’ can be used to clean sterling silver pieces, although make sure the jewellery is then rinsed thoroughly.

Gold re-plating

It is possible to have your Harry Rocks Gold plated piece re-plated for a small charge, so get in touch and we can provide a quote to re-condition and bring back the shine.

Human touch

Please note that all personalised pieces are all hand engraved and there can be slight markings/ scratches, this is because they are all hand made and markings can happen. They are not made by machine, we think this adds to their originality and uniqueness.