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The constellation collection launched in 2010 and it is still one of our best sellers -  classic, timeless style with a little diamond sparkle makes the most gorgeous gift.


Pisces, romantic Pisces

Love and wisdom shine through in this sign of the Zodiac. You are so often described as the Zodiac’s sexiest woman. Who is also a true dreamer. Highly sympathetic and compassionate. A Pisces woman is the most likely to absorb emotions from the environment around her.

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Aries, beautiful Aries

Burning with fire and shining with celestial light. The energy is within and you never give up a fight. To a challenge you will always rise and you keep your eye firmly focused on the prize. Your optimism is an inspiration to us all and you’ve never been known to drop the ball, but sometimes Aries you need to take a break let someone else take charge, for goodness’ sake!

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Taurus, Magnificent Taurus

Lover of all sensual pleasures that abound in this dimension. Long lunches, laughter, luxury all capture your attention. Dedicated, dependable, you are someone I can trust. Time spent with you is gilded with fairy dust. You work hard, play hard, always see things through, who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Steadfast Taurus, you have a long fuse but once ignited, your hot temper is hard to diffuse.

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Gemini, outgoing Gemini

Communication is at the heart of your intriguing sign, you show fascinating traits of your dual nature in this Twins sign. You are a natural salesperson. Inquisitive, clever and adaptable. You are loved for your sociable and fun-loving nature. You are so precious to me, so warm and versatile, and I hope you like this little surprise.

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Cancer, nurturing Cancer

A water sign, ruled by the moon. People gravitate to you from across a room. Your loyal friendship is held in the highest esteem. Your intuition and honesty make  you a true dream. Family values are everything to you. You’re protective, kind and gentle too. You hold tight the things that make you smile and your offbeat humour can run for miles!

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Leo, legendary Leo

You’re the lion of the pride, you deserve to be adored. To love and to be loved back is your desired reward. A natural born leader you like to take control, to family and friends you give your body and soul. You like the big picture, not so concerned with small detail, your creativity and passion inspire you to blaze the trail. A fire sign, you are warm, witty and bright drawing others close to bathe in your celestial light.

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Virgo, maiden Virgo

You have a huge and generous heart for your fellow man if someone’s in need you will do all that you can. Your mind is never quiet, always thinking, assessing. A brilliant strategist, to any team you are a blessing. The devil is in the detail, in all you undertake, just don’t say yes so often give yourself a break! On the surface you are cool, calm, collected but underneath relentless activity can be detected.

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Libra, lovely Libra

You need balance in your life like no other zodiac sign. Work and life, physical and emotional, all must hold the line. Decisions are weighed up, your eye is always on the ball, constantly striving to find the best solution for all. A sense of justice so powerful it is a wonder to behold. Always looking out for others you have a heart of pure gold. You sacrifice yourself often for the good of the team, but you deserve a break, take some time away to sit and dream.

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Scorpio, sensational Scorpio

Of all the signs you are the most self aware, the defence of those weaker is your primary care. You are hugely perceptive, see in black and white and for justice’s sake you don’t give up the fight. Happy or sad you feel each emotion with an intense force, just be wary at times of mounting that high horse! You truly are the brave crusader of the zodiac and your pioneering spirit is something of an aphrodisiac.

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Sagittarius, stunning sagittarius

The centaur is the symbol for your sign and pleasure seeking is your bottom line. You crave the freedom of the open road and beware those who contain you as you might explode. Creativity is at the heart of who you are and you seek new experiences both near and far. You are always such great fun to be around, you’re the one that I want when the chips are down.

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Capricorn, captivating Capricorn

Represented by the magnificent mountain goats, you climb higher and higher, success floats your boat. You see things clearly and can get to the heart of the matter, focused and driven, there’s little time to sit around and natter. Not showy or loud, you are the power behind the machine and to any given team you are a total dream. The Capricorn heart is guarded with extreme care but once given the recipient will be walking on air.

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Aquarius, awesome Aquarius

Connection is at the heart of your sign and you are generous to a fault with your resources and time. Highly intelligent, you are talented and energetic to the cause of others you are always sympathetic. Loved by all, and to the core, patience and tolerance are your skill set. To you there are no strangers, ‘only friends you haven’t met yet’. Although a friend is always waiting for you in the wings, you need time alone to meditate and reflect upon things.

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