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Smile for Five Bracelet

Little Tweaks and Harry Rocks have combined actioning for happiness with innovative design to boost your endorphins and feel your superpowers! 

Wear this bracelet to be the difference to your day and someone else's.

Your smile is your superpower. Share your smile with five a day and feel the difference.


This Bracelet is to be worn by Boys & Girls, it has blue enamel on one side and yellow enamel on the other and can be worn by child or adult as it can be made smaller or bigger with the pulley clasp

A percentage of sales will be going to 'Action for Children' Charity



How did you hear about us?

The Detail

What is Smile for five?

The idea is to use a little tweak, such as our smile, in our day to day lives that can have a profound long-term impact on how we and others feel; raising those endorphins, connecting to others and being inclusive to all. 

Wear me + Share me

Smile for Five asks children and their families to take on the challenge of simply sharing five smiles a day and TALKING about how that makes them feel.

What's our purpose? 
By setting the Smile for Five challenge, we aim to:
- Raise awareness in actioning for our own happiness and that of others
- Empower children and their families to talk about the smile science
- Boost our children's confidence

Some all-important smile facts...
Smiling helps you live longer.
Smiling slows the heart and relaxes the body.
Smiling increases productivity.
Smiling reduces stress. 
Smiling boost's your immune system.
Smiling reduces stress. 
Smiling boost's your immune system. 



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