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New Constellation Collection launching soon!

So happy to share with you some images of our new collection which has been worked on for a long time! It is a really special collection to do with star signs and all the star constellations in the sky which I am totally obsessed with and how each of our star signs has it’s own constellation – which is a beautiful pattern of lines and markings to represent the position of the stars of each of the zodiac constellations. We have hand engraved this design on to a solid sterling silver disc with three sparkly beautiful diamonds and on the back of each constellation it tells you which starsign it is.  Each magical necklace comes with a beautiful descrpition of your specific star sign so this makes a gorgeously thoughtful and lovely gift!

constellation necklaces

All star signs will be sold soon, but for now we have just the Leo constellation on sale


Please get in touch if you have any questions, queries, or let us know what you think!